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Driver for Nokia 6100 LCD

This package contains drivers for the Nokia 6100 LCD. The driver has only been tested with the new Epson unit from SparkFun (Chinese clone, red tab on protective cover, green PCB with brown traces). It should work with the Philips or the older Epson chips too but will inevitably need some fixes. The driver has been tested on the ATmega168 and the dsPIC33FJ128GP but has been designed to be easy to port to other architectures.

I wrote this because a lot of the other Nokia drivers out there seemed to be a bit of a mis-mash and also because none of them seemed to properly support the new Epson displays. It would be nice to get this working on the old Epsons or on the Philips displays, so if you write something let me know, or if you let me borrow such a display I will get it working.


  • Supports new Epson chipset (and maybe Philips)
  • Supports scrolling feature (Epson only for now)
  • Easily portable to other MCUs (all MCU-specific code is consolidated into two functions)
  • Has a 5x8 font (6x8 if gap between letters is counted)
  • Ability to do bitmap stream (specify window and then repeatedly call a send pixel function)


  • No functions for drawing lines or circles
  • Read function not implemented
  • No scrolling on Philips displays until I have something to test it with
  • Only 12-bit color mode supported
  • Cannot rotate display

The source code: nokia_lcd_driver-0.1.tar.gz

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